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Danilo Aceto Zumbo

Hand-making, playing music, writing

means communicating feelings and emotions


Italian, born in 1969. Guitar maker and musician.

After several years of training I arranged my own workshop in Rome, in my loft.

The art of luthiery needs many years of study, practice, experiments, mistakes and choices.

I decided to focus on a little number of instruments designed and realized by me, situated out of the mainstreaming.

They are built following my taste and research on materials and techniques for a unique sound:

  • Electric and Electroacoustic guitars;
  • Slide guitars, both acoustic (Weissenborn-style) and electric;
  • Acoustic guitars;
  • Bass guitars, both fretless and fretted.

Since I work alone in my workshop, I prefer to focus on mature choices and well-experimented techniques.

I make everything by hand, including pickups.


For any information please send an e-mail message to: fingerprint.band@gmail.com