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Danilo Aceto Zumbo

Hand-making, playing music, writing

means to me communicating feelings and emotions


Italian, born in 1969. Guitar maker and musician.


After several years of training in the workshop of Germano Fusco (Rome, Italy) and Benoit Melle-Stef (Brussels, Belgium), I arranged my own workshop in Rome, in my loft.

The art of luthiery needs many years of study, practice, experiments, mistakes and choices.

I decided to focus on a little number of instruments designed and realized exclusively by me, situated out of the mainstreaming.

They are built following my taste and research for sound, materials and techniques:

  • Electric and Electroacoustic guitars;
  • Slide guitars, both acoustic (Weissenborn-style) and electric;
  • Acoustic guitars;
  • Bass guitars, both fretless and fretted.

Since I work alone in my workshop, I prefer to focus on mature choices and well-experimented techniques rather than disperse my energies on uncertain projects.

I make everything by hand, including pickups.


For any information please send an e-mail message to: info@bonzomusic.com


This is me in my workshop in Rome, Italy


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Thanks to Germano Fusco luthier in Rome, Italy: https://it-it.facebook.com/germano.fusco.5

This is me working on a mold of my Delta electroacoustic model in Germano’s workshop in Rome, Italy.



Thanks to Benoit Melle-Stef luthier in Brussels, Belgium: http://www.bmsguitars.com/

This is me working on my Weissenborn slide acoustic guitar in 2013

danilo in ben's lab

and on an Acoustic dreadnought guitar in 2017 in Ben’s workshop in Brussels, Belgium.