bonzomusic Instruments Models guitars, slide guitars, basses, acoustic guitar

Models: Electroacoustic guitars, Slide guitars and Basses

The essence is given by reasoned choices on shapes and materials


Research on construction techniques: sobriety and functional minimalism. Sustain and accuracy of a note’s definition. In resonance with your body.

Research on materials: mahogany for intensity, cedar for precision, rosewood for clarity, ebony for soul.


Delta Blues sound and feel

Does this bluesman play one of bonzomusic models?


Electroacoustic Guitars:

Two models, the Sixto and the Delta. Both are neck-through body and glued-neck, for maximum sustain and clarity. Both have tonal chambers for resonance and confort.

P90 pickups for a simple and direct sound. Alnico II or Alnico V poles, AWG 43 or 42 cable for a round and/or lite attack.

The pickup is a simple tool to amplify the sound. In bonzomusic guitars it does not carachterize the sound. Shapes and materials together with yourself will make the sound.

No messing around and complicate tweaking: just one or two volume knobs. Your hands and your body will make the sound. Be gentle, be rough, make your instrument caress, cry or yell.. it’s up to you.


Plug’em into a nice tube amp, close your eyes.. and feel

Does John Lee Hooker play one of bonzomusic models?

Lap Steel:

Slide Guitars:

Two models: one acoustic Weissenborn and one electric model Electroweiss

The acoustic Weissenborn gives a warm and intense blues sound when played natural.

Amplified by a professional contact mike (LR Baggs iBeam) it gives back the natural sound. The pickup will not shape your sound. You will.

The electric model Electroweiss is made of cedar, for an instant gratification.

Just one volume for subtelty and charm.. or overdriven biting when needed.


Acoustic guitar:

one model: a dreadnought folk guitar. Sprouce, rosewood and mahogany. Top quality materials.

Play it in the borderline zone between clean and drive

Is this one of bonzomusic models slide guitar?



One model: a Fretless instrument with a confortable and clean fingerboard, a bone nut, and a simple bridge. The neck enters deeply in the body. The body is very light.

Accuracy of the note’s definition and resonance with your body.

This bass is something that you wear like a suit. It will fit and stay confortable for hours during rehearsals and live sets and during your home training. It is light, confortable and simple.

Big belly and arm contour, one pickup, a volume and a tone.


Does Muddy Waters play one of bonzomusic models?

No tricks, just you and your instruments.. for the sound of the Delta.