Additional pictures of the Fretless bass

Additional pictures Fretless – electric bass

Additional pictures

Fretless. This page is dedicated to a close-up look and more general additional pictures of the bonzomusic electric bass model.

This bass model is dedicated to Riccardo, who is a musician friend and a composer and who contributed with his style and attitude to the idea of sucha a model.

This is an electric bass made for blues, jazz, country, rock, funky and pop music.

The body is made of okoumé, a light mahogany wood and the neck is made of mahogany. The fingerboard is made of ebony. The nut is made of bone. The bridge is made of rosewood and brass.

A volume and a tone allow the ideal output preferred by the musician and do not influence the tone. The tone is decided by the musician.

This bass has a unique artesanal pick-up. It gives back a medium output and a natural sound. It is easy to find your sound when you start from top-quality materials, straightforward construction and simple circuit.

The sound of the Fretless is warm and well-defined. It has a natural cat-like meow when needed. The fretboard is smooth and easily accessible due to the body shape.

The Fretless has a very light body, which is confortable and ergonomic.

The neck-through-body construction adds a nice feedback and presence to the sound.

A light sunburst gives to the Fretless an elegant and simple look.


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