Making the Fretless – Pictures of the work Fretless

Making the bonzomusic Fretless Electric Bass

Making the Fretless.

This page is dedicated to the construction of the bonzomusic unique model of Fretless bass.

The project starts from a specific idea: making a straightforward instrument for session and live professional players who want a simple and well-done instrument for developing their style.

This is why this bass is very light and confortable. It has been buitl using a neck-through-body construction technique.

Moreover, the electronics are simple: this bass has just one artesanal pickup, a volume and a tone. The musician can easily find his sound without complicate twicking.

Like all other bonzomusc instruments the sound is made by the musician not by the instrument. In line with bonzomusic phylosophy, the instrument has to be buils using top-level materials, experimented and well-done contruction techniques and it has to be nice and good looking.


The wood: superlight okumé

IMG-20150603-WA0001 CAM01964 IMG-20150606-WA0009

Making the Fretless belly contour

CAM01972  10 

Making the Fretless forearm contour

IMG-20150620-WA0010 3

Working the shape: ergonomicity and confort

1 4

The neck-through-body cavity

5 IMG-20150612-WA0001 IMG-20150620-WA0000 

The rear control cavity


The pick-up cavity


Shaping the neck and the head

f 005 f 008 fretless 6 007

Glueing the neck and the body


Body and neck glued together


Painting and sanding

Spraying the sealer

fret 6 fret 10

Sunburst and water-sanding

CAM02444 CAM02445 CAM02446     

Strings on, pulling the neck in position

CAM02510 CAM02506

The bridge is okumé with an internal “L” made of brass

The ground is screwed and soldered under the bridge, and goes to the output jack

CAM02528 CAM02525

The instrument is ready

bonzomusic guitars fretless