Bonzomusic Pickups

Bonzomusic Pickups is a page dedicated to the construction of the magnets I use on my models of electric guitars and slide guitars. Everything is handmade.

Bonzomusic Pickups: I normally use AWG 43 copper cable covered with enamel, and Alnico II poles. But the configuration can vary according to the instrument’s wood, characteristics and pickups’ type.


First, I have to wear glasses and use a nice winding machine. In this case I am using Germano’s winding machine in his lab.


This is a tele-style pickup which ended on a mangrovia body.


This is a single coil for a neck pickup. The number of Ks is low because I this case I am looking for clarity and definition. Furthermore, using Alnico II poles I obtained a lighter attack.

These two pisckups normally go in pair, but they can also be used individually.



An Humbucker pickup is a different beast. Also in this case I tend to give less windings than prescribed, in order to obtain maximum clarity and definition of the sound.


When the poles are not magnetised magnetised I magnetise them “old style”, passing them through a magnetic field one by one, by hand.


Bonzomusic pickups are waxed in melted paraffin, in order to avoid unwanted resonances and interfearences.


This is a P90 for a slide guitar. The pole distance is wider in comparison with that of an electric guitar pickup.

This is because the string distance of a lap steel is wider, to allow the slide bar to be precise and effective.