Bonzomusic instruments – Guitars

Electric Guitars


There are three models of Bonzomusic electroacoustic guitars: the BK the SIXTO and the DELTA. They are neck-through body and glued-neck construction, for maximum sustain and sound clarity. They have tonal chambers for resonance and confort.

The guitars are light and easy to play with either a “C” shape neck or a “D” shape neck. Everything is done by hand.


P90 pickups for a simple and direct sound. Pickups are custom made with Alnico II or Alnico V poles and AWG 43 or AWG 42 enamel-coated copper cable for a round and lite attack.

You can also choose your favourite pick-up to be installed in the guitars.

The pickup is a simple tool to amplify the sound. In bonzomusic guitars it does not carachterize the sound.

Shapes and materials together with your hands an guts will make the sound.

No messing around or complicate tweaking: just a volume. Be gentle, be rough.. make your instrument caress, cry or yell: it’s up to you.

Acoustic guitars

There is one model of bonzomusic ACOUSTIC guitar. It is a dreadnought folk guitar made of top-level materials: adirondak sprouce top, rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard.

It is an instrument made for blues, country and rock music. Straight look and direct and warm sound.

In the tradition of the bonzomusic intruments.

Plug’em into a nice tube amp, close your eyes.. and feel

Does John Lee Hooker play one of bonzomusic guitars?