Additional pictures Delta – bonzomusic Electric guitar

Additional pictures Delta – electric guitar

Additional pictures Delta

This page is dedicated to close-ups and general additional pictures of the bonzomusic electric guitar model named “Delta”.

The Delta is one of the two electric and electroacoustic models available. This model is dedicated to the Delta blues sound and scene.

The Delta is an electric guitar made for blues, jazz, country, rock and pop music.

The body and neck are made of a light wood named okoumé. The fingerboard is made of rosewood. The top is made of maple. The nut is made of bone.

Two volume allow the control of feedback and the ideal output preferred by the musician. The volume of the two pick-ups can be blended easily in order to find an ideal confort zone for the tone. A master volume is for the final output control.

The Delta has two artesanal pick-ups. They are bonzomusic P90 made with an Alnico V magnet. They give back a medium output (6,5k and 6,3k) and a natural sound. Or the output can be increased up to 8,5k.

The sound of the Delta is warm and well-defined.

The two tonal chambers in the body allow more air and feedback into the sound.

The Delta body is conceiveded with a massive backbone which goes from the neck pocket into the bottom of the guitar and two big tonal chambers (see the Pictures of the work page for details).

The neck-through-body construction adds presence and sustain to the sound.

A light yellow top gives to the Delta an elegant and simple look.

bonzomusic electroacoustic guitar delta

bonzomusic electroacoustic guitar delta bonzomusic electroacoustic guitar delta bonzomusic electroacoustic guitar delta   bonzomusic electroacoustic guitar delta

Delta Rockabilly is another option if you like to flash an amazing look.

bonzomusic delta rockabilly  bonzomusic delta rockabilly bonzomusic delta rockabilly Bonzomusic Delta

Natural amber for a true Delta blues look and feel

Bonzomusic Delta Bonzomusic Delta Bonzomusic DeltaBonzomusic Delta Bonzomusic Delta Bonzomusic Delta

Natural amber ad bee wax finish

Bonzomusic Delta Bonzomusic Delta  Bonzomusic Delta