Tele-style bonzomusic electric guitars

tele-style guitars

This page is dedicated to some instruments inspired to a famous guitar project. I realized my version of such an instrument because it is still the first choice of many a musicians.

It is a simple and direct instrument. It does not forgive, meaning that each note is projected in your face (and in the face of the audience) with a huge amount of clarity and dynamic. This is the main reason why tele-style are so appreciated and spread among musicians.

In this page there are several bonzomusic versions of tele-style, in the usual spirit of essentiality of shape, construction and materials.


tele-style Zanzicaster

This guitar has been made for my musician friend Giangia. He is a busker and plays moving around with his camper. He wanted a rock-solid instrument with a right and focused sound to be played on the road (literally).

He collected a pair of mangrovia blanks in Zanzibar for the body. The neck is made of maple.

A bonzomusic HB pick-up for the neck (9.4 k), a bonzomusic single coil for the bridge (9.5 k) and a two-volumes circuit complete an easy and beatiful instrument.

  zanzicaster 2 zanzicaster 3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA bonzomusic guitars zanzicaster


tele-style Telezero

This is a prototype, made for the craziest and most exigent musician: Bonzo.

The body is made of Villa Ada pine wood and the neck is made of okumé, a light mahogany.

The two tonal chambers reinforced with internal bracing and the extreme neck-through-body contruction provide a unique clear and resonant sound.

A bonzomusic P90 pick-up for the neck (6.5 k), a bonzomusic P90 for the bridge (6.4 k) and a two-volumes circuit complete the unicity of this guitar.

 telezero 3 - Copia telezero 2 - Copia telezero 1 - Copia bonzomusic guitars telezero


tele-style Tele Charlie

This instrument has been made for Emi Guarneri, a musician friend, and pays tribute to the great Charlie Christian.

The body is made of alder and the neck is made of maple.

The finish is natural gommalacca.

It sports two Lollar Charlie Christian Pickups (3.2 k neck and 4.4 k bridge). It produces an incredibly defined and dynamic sound.

tele charlie 3 - Copia tele charlie 2 - Copia tele charlie 1 - Copia bonzomusic guitars telecharlie


tele-style Princess

This instrument pays tribute to the one and only Prince.

The body is made of Villa Ada pine wood. The neck is made of okumé, a light mahogany.

Its dark purple colour of the body and the neck and the leopard pickguard remind a great musician and showman called Prince Rogers Nelson.

The finish is made of natural gommalacca.

The transparent binding provides a classy and “out of phase” look.

The two bonzomusic pick-ups have maximum definition.. and bite when needed: 6,26 k neck and 6,56 k bridge.

tele princess 3 - Copia tele princess 2 - Copia bonzomusic laboratory tele-style tele princess 1  bonzomusic guitars tele-style bonzomusic guitars tele-style