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Slide guitars

Slide guitars among the bonzomusic models.

Two models: one acoustic WEISSENBORN model and one electric model named ELECTROWEISS.

The acoustic slide guitar Weissenborn generates a warm and intense blues sound when played natural in an acoustic environment with your favourite tonal bar.

This acoustic slide guitar model is also amplified by an internal contact mike LR Baggs iBeam. This microphone gives back the natural sound of the acoustic instrument, in line with the bonzomusic approach: the pickup will not make your sound. You will.

The materials, the building technique and the instrument setting characterize and influence the sound.

The electric model of the slide guitar is named Electroweiss. The design is based on the Weissenborn shape, researching harmony of lines and simplicity. This electric slide guitar is an instrument made of cedar. This wood is ideal for an instant and straightforward tonal gratification.

It has just one humbucker pickup or a P90. You can rely on one volume for subtelty and charm.. or overdriven biting when needed.

Play ‘em in the borderline zone between clean and drive

slide guitar