Additional pictures Electroweiss electric slide guitar bonzomusic

Additional pictures Electroweiss – electric slide guitar

Electroweiss: This page is dedicated to close-up and more general additional pictures of the bonzomusic electric slide guitar model.

It is one of the two models of slide guitars available: one acoustic (weissenborn) and one electric. This model is dedicated to delta blues, country music and classic rock.

It is an electric slide guitar made for blues, jazz, country and rock music.

The body and neck are one glued block, and they are made of cedar wood. The bridge is made of rosewood. The bridge saddle is made of aluminium.

It is amplified by an artesanal bonzomusic humbucker pick-up made with Alnico II magnet and AWG 43 copper wire or two artesanal bonzomusic P90 specifically made for the slide guitar.

One volume or two volume knobs permit to control the feedback and the ideal output preferred by the musician.

The sound of the Electroweiss is warm, intense and well defined. It gives back an aggressive and natural sound when cranked up.

A black finish and ivory binding gives to the Electroweiss an elegant and simple look.

A natural mahogany finish gives a simple and immediate look.


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bonzomusic electroweiss bonzomusic electroweiss    bonzomusic electroweiss bonzomusic electroweiss 

bonzomusic electroweiss  bonzomusic electroweiss bonzomusic electroweiss  bonzomusic electroweiss