Pictures of the Work Electroweiss electric bonzomusic slide guitar

Pictures of the Work Electroweiss


This page is dedicated to the construction of an electric lap steel shaped on the idea of making an electric weissenborn but smaller and easily portable. The result of this project is a ready-to-go electric instrument which can be gentle if touched lightly but it becomes rough when played hard to a well driven tube amp.

It is a lap steel dedicated to blues and classic rock players. It has been conceived to rock out in a live situations. This implies some decisions concerning materials and construction technique.

The cedar wood was taken from a 97-years old three which was in a garden in front of my house. When they decided to cut it because it was too big I asked to examine the wood.

I found it great, stable and dense. So I cut the pieces I needed with a chainsaw, made the blanks, and made it dry for 6 years.


Preparing the cedar wood, cut by a chainsaw in Nepi, Rome, Italy


Glueing the blocks together


Giving the custom shape being inspired by a weissenborn


Glueing the neck-through-body joint


Glueing and shaping the head


Template for the tonal chambers

CAM01787 CAM01777 CAM01794

White ivory binding all over the body, neck and headstock


Making the rosewood bridge, the brass stop tailpiece and the ground link


Nitro finish and water-sanding

 CAM01840 CAM01839

Electronics soldering

Assembling the instrument, available in black, in red top and black body and in natural mahogany


The instrument is ready (parked on the left side of the picture while I play the weissenborn live)

bonzomusic guitars weissenborn

Also a version made of mahogany with two bonzomusic P90s is available