Additional pictures Weissenborn acoustic slide guitar

Additional pictures Weissenborn – acoustic slide guitar

Weissenborn: This page is dedicated to close-up and more general additional pictures of the bonzomusic acoustic slide guitar model.

It is one of the two models of slide guitars available so far: one acoustic and one electric. This model is dedicated to delta blues and country music.

It is an acoustic slide guitar made for blues, jazz, country and rock music.

The body and neck are one thing, and they made of mahogany. The bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood. The bridge saddle and the nut are made of bone.

It is amplified by an internal contact microphone named LR Baggs iBeam Acoustic Guitar Bridgeplate Pickup. One volume permits the control of feedback and the ideal output preferred by the musician. It gives back a natural sound.

The sound  is warm, intense and well defined.

The Weissenborn has completely embty body and neck.

A light oil finish gives to the Weissenborn an elegant and simple look.


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